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The purpose of these General Conditions of Use (hereinafter the "GCUs") is to define the conditions for the use of the http://www.vetoquinol-contact.com.au website.

Consultation and use of the site by any user (hereinafter the "User") imply acceptance of the GCUs and are therefore governed by the latter.


The site is published by VETOQUINOL Australia, a business corporation with its head office located at Boronia Rd, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008, Australia.

Email address: sales.australia@vetoquinol.com

Phone number: 1800 032 355


The site is intended for veterinary residents of Australia and allows free information on Vetoquinol products, access to services, online trainings and downloadable documents and tools.

The information presented on the site does not constitute a veterinary consultation and is not intended to establish a diagnosis; the information presented on the site is not intended to replace a veterinarian consultation or diagnosis.

The User may choose to register for the newsletter set up on the site in order to receive free email information about news, advertisements and promotions. By registering, the User agrees to receive newsletters to his/her email address.


3.1. Links to other Internet sites suggested on the site are not part of the website http://www.vetoquinol-contact.com.au.

3.2. Vetoquinol cannot be responsible for the content of Internet sites referenced in the site, or for possible damage caused by using such other sites.


4.1. Any User wishing to use the site must review the GCUs.

4.2. Consultation and the use of the site assumes implied acceptance of the GCUs by any User.

4.3. Vetoquinol reserves the right to amend and update the GCUs at any time and without notice, given that it is specified that the applicable GCUs are those in effect at the date of the last update specified above.


The User agrees to:

- Use the site only for the purposes for which it is intended

- Use the site solely in accordance with the GCUs


Vetoquinol reserves the right to amend or delete site content or to suspend or remove access to the site.


Vetoquinol will do its best to monitor and correct bugs that may affect the site.


8.1. Vetoquinol shall do its best to publish accurate, reliable and up-to-date information on the site. However, due to constant changes in the animal health sector, and in Vetoquinol’s activities, products and services, Vetoquinol does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of the information contained on the site.

Vetoquinol shall not be responsible for consequences that may result from consultation and use of the site and interpretation of information disseminated on the site.

8.2. Vetoquinol cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage that could result from access to or use of the site or information of any nature contained therein. Vetoquinol assumes no responsibility for the appropriateness of decisions made by the User based solely on information published on the site and how they are carried out.

8.3. Vetoquinol assumes no responsibility in the event of damage suffered by the User due in particular to loss, deterioration or alteration of files, transmission of viruses, which could infect the User’s computer equipment or any other property when connecting to and/or consulting and/or using the site. The User is responsible for taking all appropriate measures to protect his/her data and equipment from viruses and attempted security breaches involving the User’s computer system by third parties via the site.

8.4. The User acknowledges that data transmission over the Internet involves relative technical reliability and that the data itself is not protected against potential improper use. Under these conditions, the User assumes full responsibility for the communication of confidential data, and, more generally, of any sensitive information.

8.5. The User recognizes that Vetoquinol cannot be held responsible for Internet operating conditions that may impact access to or use of the site, in particular Internet access, availability and network speed issues, which may prevent access to the site or significantly slow down site access and affect response time for displaying, consulting, querying or transferring data.

8.6. The User acknowledges full responsibility for connecting the User’s equipment to the Internet and that as a result, Vetoquinol is in no way responsible for any damage that may occur while connected.

8.7. Consequently, with the full understanding of the foregoing, the User agrees not to hold Vetoquinol responsible for any of the above-mentioned facts or events.


9.1. The User holds harmless Vetoquinol, as well as all persons involved in creating and developing the site, against any claim, responsibility, cost and expense resulting from a breach of these GCUs or related to use of the site.

9.2. The User agrees to only provide accurate data on the site. All information and data transmitted by the User are the User’s sole responsibility, and the User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Vetoquinol against any direct and indirect damages that may result.

9.3. The User is solely responsible for direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage and injury caused by the User to Vetoquinol due to illegal or legal use of the site. In the circumstances listed above, the User agrees to indemnify Vetoquinol, including reasonable costs for counsel that it may be required to engage, in the event of a judgment against Vetoquinol for payment of damages and interest.


10.1. Except for data received from the User, the site as well as all the elements comprising it, including in particular all articles, computer programs, databases, visuals, texts, graphics, photographs, images, trademarks, logos, creations and various protected works, etc., registered or unregistered, and more generally any information contained on the site is the exclusive property of Vetoquinol or its third parties with which the latter has entered into agreements for operation purposes.

10.2. The User has no right in respect to the site, other than the sole right to use it. In particular, the User does not have the right in terms of reproducing, disseminating or more generally of using it by any means whatsoever without prior express consent from Vetoquinol. Vetoquinol reserves the right to take legal action for any infringement in respect to the site and the elements comprising it.


11.1  The personal data communicated by the User in the framework of the optional services provided by Vetoquinol (Article 7 here above) are subject to a collection by Vetoquinol within the meaning of the federal Privacy Act 1988.

11.2  The personal data collected in connection with the services offered by Vetoquinol are intended for the purposes of ensuring the provision of said services.

11.3  In accordance with the federal Privacy Act 1988, the User has a right of access, modification, and correction of these data. The User may exercise each of the said rights at any time by means of the email address mentioned in Article 15.1 below.


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13.1. Vetoquinol will do its best to ensure that the site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

13.2. The site may not be accessible in particular due to force majeure, system failure or maintenance operations which Vetoquinol may perform at any time, without notice.


14.1  The GCU and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the GCU or its subject matter shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Australia.

14.2  The User and Vetoquinol agree that the courts of Queensland, Australia, shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with the GCU or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).


15.1. The site is published by:

Name: Vetoquinol Australia Pty Ltd

Head office: Unit 302.2, 6-12 Boronia Rd, Brisbane Airport QLD 4008

ABN 64 006 949 480

Email address: sales.australia@vetoquinol.com

Telephone: 1800 032 355

Director of publication: Etienne Frechin, Chairman

15.2. The site is hosted by:

Name: Vetoquinol S.A.

Head office: Magny-Vernois, 70200 Lure, France

Telephone: (+33) 03 84 62 55 55